Big Kahuna is Business to Business consulting services firm based in Noida, company's founding principles are based on 6 Thinking Hats by Edward De Bono. The inclusion of the principle of 6 Thinking Hats has been done through the amalgamation of six basic colors into the Logo. The Company's Logo also depicts the factors of strength, leadership and dependability with a square at the forefront. The psychological theory of a square symbolizes it's ability of structural stability and reliability. Something to which a firm's goals and ambition resonate. The Arrow on the upper right corner of the square symbolizes Vision, Ambition, and leveraging the potential of the brand and it's affinity to Growth.

Company's Vision

To Serve The Businesses through Systems Thinking and Approach and Contribute in creating an Extraordinary and an Exemplary life which has an abundance of HEALTH, WEALTH and HAPPINESS

Power, Freedom, and Peace of Mind

Science Behind Different Colors